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  1. The relationship between reserves and accruals – with reference to the issue of earnings management in public companies

    Author: Michał Comporek

    See Issue Contents: fins.2018.3


    The main objective of the study is to examine the relationship between the implemented reserves policy and the value of accruals reported in the financial statements of public companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Both research fields are considered as the main areas of earnings management, which can be seen both as the pursuance of a true and fair view of the economic situation of a business entity and as the intentional manipulation of the results of an economic activity in order to mislead selected stakeholders of company. Empirical studies were conducted among public companies included in the WIG20, mWIG40 and sWIG80 stock indices, whose shares have been traded on the stock market for at least 10 years in the assumed horizon of 1997-2016

  2. The use of operational cash flow in the estimation of accrual-based earnings management

    Author: Michał Comporek

    See Issue Contents: fins.2019.2


    One of the most important analytical spheres enabling the diagnostic estimation of intentional changes in a company’s financial result is the area of accrual adjustments of net profit, separated in the cash flow statement prepared using the indirect method. The special cognitive value of accrual differences can be seen when the structure of total accruals is separated by those adjustments that are not directly related to the real activity of the enterprise, and are the result of subjective accounting choices. The main objective of the article is to present the selected econometric models used for examining accrual-based earnings management phenomenon in Poland. The analysis includes following regression models, namely: the Jones model, the Kasznik model, the Dechow-Dichev model and the McNichols model. The empirical studies were conducted among listed companies qualified for the Warsaw Stock Exchange indices: WIG-20 and mWIG-40, whose shares were traded for at least ten years in 1998-2017

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