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  1. A comperative study on managers’ assessment of the selected properties of internal reports

    Author: Justyna Dobroszek, Ewelina Zarzycka, Alina Almasan, Cristina Circa

    See Issue Contents: fins.2018.3


    An important role in an organization is played by the management information system that enables managers to perform management tasks. The pillar of this system is financial and non-financial data provided by the management accounting system. The effect of the application of specific management accounting tools are various types of studies and analyses, defined in internal reports, which are the basis for management, and thus making decisions by managers. Internal reports, in order to fulfil their functions effectively, must have appropriate features as to its structure, content and other properties. In connection with this, the authors studied and presented an assessment of managers from Poland and Romania in the context of such properties of internal reports as quality, content, presentation and comments. The survey method was used as the research method, while the analysis of collected research material was based on cluster analysis and descriptive statistics. The sample consisted of 154 questionnaires. The findings are similar in both countries, although in the case of Romania, managers who assessed highly the quality and content of internal reports, and evaluated slightly lower the presentations and comments

  2. The measurement of costs and results in supply chain management: the case of Poland

    Author: Justyna Dobroszek

    See Issue Contents: fins.2018.3


    Supply chain management (SCM) is a modern phenomenon in business practice and an important area of scientific discussions. In the literature it is not easy to find only one explanation of this subject because some scientists treat SCM as a separate concept, others as an expansion of the logistics function. The supply chain is a kind of modern business model that needs accurate management. To support the management process an the effective way, management accounting tools and methods may be applied. The aim of the article is to present the methods and tools of management accounting used for the measurement of costs and results in SCM. For this purpose, a survey was conducted among 40 selected enterprises in Poland. The findings indicate that on the one hand the studied organizations already use advanced management accounting tools and the methods providing information for SCM needs, on the other hand, they rarely apply them. This approach does not contribute to effective and holistic measurement of supply chain and its management

  3. R&D expenditure and the role of scientists

    Author: Anna Białek-Jaworska, Justyna Dobroszek

    See Issue Contents: fins.2019.2


    An effective knowledge-based economy requires regular cooperation between science and business. This is possible thanks to enterprises that create and implement innovations The paper focuses on the recognition of R&D expenditure. This aims to verify if firms with a scientist on their board are more likely to invest in the R&D. We conduct a tobit panel analysis of over 18,000 Polish private firms combined with data on patents and scientists employed at universities. The findings show that firms with scientists on the supervisory board are likely to invest more in R&D. However, these investment in R&D of firms with a scientist on the board are financial constraint. Their growth depends on access to finance. Therefore, institutions in Poland should support and promote cooperation between science and business, aiming for the realization of the implementation research. This approach requires updated regulations in the accounting area relating to the recognition of R&D inputs and outcomes.

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