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  1. International Financial Reporting Standard no 15 “Customer agreements” in the construction industry

    Author: Anna Kasperowicz

    See Issue Contents: fins.2018.3


    The paper presents the features of the construction industry and the ways of organising investment processes, as well as the methods for the valuation of the services implemented within its scope. The individual valuation methods were assigned to the applicable provisions of Polish balance sheet law and the International Financial Reporting Standard No 15 “Revenues from contracts with customers” in force since 2018. On the basis of a practical example, there was illustrated the achieved financial result of a company providing installation services as a subcontractor in view of all the possible valuation methods. The author presented and evaluated the anticipated effects of the new standard’s entry into force, and in conclusion presented a selection of the valuation methods for the services performed in this industry, which is complicated and has a decisive impact on the amount of profits and losses of the financial results presented in the account

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